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Preschool: Curriculum & Schedule

Preschool: Curriculum & Schedule

Starting at age two and extending through pre-Kindergarten, our goals in our Columbia MD Preschool programs are to nurture an enthusiasm for learning while building a strong foundation of character, social and emotional development, and academic integrity.

At this stage of growth, it is commonly perceived that if the basic needs were met—keeping babies clean, dry, fed, dressed, and loved—the child would have an ideal environment. But every experience, even at this age, is an opportunity for learning—not just the traditional “book learning,” but understanding social mores, developing good habits, and promoting a positive mentality toward one’s education and community. The first years of an infant’s life are crucial for establishing these principles, and our curriculum is specifically designed to encourage this mental development while keeping a safe, welcoming environment.


By encouraging appropriate behavior, self-control, and mutual respect, we build and maintain an environment of recognition and empathy where students can engage with each other respectfully and resolve conflicts peacefully as they arise. Students develop interactive skills by playing together, and learn to be enthusiastic about school.


We design a natural environment where students can explore, discover, observe, and study the intrigue of their surroundings while satisfying their curiosity and building problem solving skills. Our students learn to focus, to pay attention, and to think critically about themselves, their peers, and their environment. Our program also develops pre-reading and math skills to best prepare students for their next step in education.


At Columbia Academy, we believe well-rounded students are the most likely to succeed. That’s why we offer introductory class time in Spanish, computer science, music and the arts, as well as recreational physical education. Our students develop new language skills, computer skills, creativity, and physical coordination in addition to their standard curriculum.


Our sensory table encourages problem solving skills, and a sense of community with peers working side-by-side. Materials of different textures stimulate creativity, and the play involved promotes a positive feeling associated with learning.




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