Infant / Toddler / 2's: Character Education

Infant / Toddler / 2's: Character Education

Our "peacemaking" curriculum is implemented in every class, and through the school community as a whole, encouraging children to talk to one another and resolve problems in a healthy, civilized way. Teachers expect positive behavior, and are responsive to the children at all times, using positive words to praise students, and always showing respect, warmth, and kindness.

Social skills are critical at this stage of maturity, and through our Peacemaking Program we ensure that students develop these skills in a universally peaceful atmosphere. To maintain this, we encourage positive and helpful resolution between the students as conflicts arise, and discourage any non-peaceable behavior (including violence, inappropriate language, toys that represent or encourage negative actions, or inappropriate behavior in general). As part of this program, we discourage the engagement with or discussion of “Super Action Hero” television shows, including Power Rangers, Batman, and Superman, which encourage non-peaceable behavior as a means of resolving conflict.

As always, we believe parents are critical to successful education, so by working with our administration and teaching staff, we can develop your child’s character and lead them down a peaceful, healthy educational future.

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