5 Features of the Modern Classroom

Wednesday - March 04, 2015

Much has changed in the world of education in the past few decades.


Today’s world is different from the world you knew growing up. Today’s kids are learning differently as a result. When teachers and education institutions adapt their strategies to accommodate the new technologies and new lines of thinking that represent the modern era, students learn more and they learn better as a result.

Here are just five features of the “modern” classroom, which capitalize on the latest trends and latest lines of thinking.

1.       Integrated Forms of Technology. Technology is everywhere, and while it can be a distraction when used purely for entertainment, it’s also a powerful learning tool must be mastered to be successful in the modern world. Successful classrooms find innovative ways to integrate that technology into informative lessons.

2.       Goal-Based Instruction. Instruction in today’s classroom is focused on achieving goals. That goal could be low-level, like conveying the ability to tackle a certain type of math problem, or high-level, like helping prepare students for their future careers, but all subjects and lessons come back to those goals.

3.       Cooperative Learning Exercises. Children learn better when they’re active, and there’s no better way to encourage active learning than through collaboration. Today’s classrooms have a much more comfortable, collaborative atmosphere to encourage children to work and learn together.

4.       Distinguished Forms of Teaching. Each child is unique and learns differently. Successful teachers in modern classrooms understand this, and aren’t afraid to teach in multiple ways to ensure that every child achieves the same desired information retention.

5.       Blended Subjects. The lines between subjects are starting to blur, and today’s classrooms are responding to that. It’s more important to convey the right types of information for the right reasons than it is to strictly adhere to specific, sometimes arbitrarily drawn categories.

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