Indoor Activities to Keep Your Child Active in Winter

Thursday - February 19, 2015

Staying active in winter can be a challenge for young children, but these indoor activities can keep kids' bodies and minds engaged in the winter season.


The winter months seem intimidating at times. The cold, nasty weather can keep you inside throughout much of the season, prevented from engaging in the active lifestyle you might have enjoyed in summer. Your kids might be restless or completely bored as a result. Fortunately, this private preschool in Columbia MD has collected some of the top indoor activities to keep your child active during the cold winter months:

·         Make music. Make musical instruments out of random objects you have lying around the house, such as pots and pans. It will encourage creativity in both finding instruments and using them.

·         Cook together. Show your child how you cook dinner or baked goods, and let them help by giving them simple tasks such as measuring ingredients or opening bags.

·         Build a maze. If your child is small enough, you can build a small maze out of couch cushions, blankets, and mounds of other linens. Drape blankets over the top and make it an awesome crawl-through fort.

·         Do paper crafts. Use construction paper and glue as a basis for virtually unlimited craft projects. Use cotton balls to introduce a snowy landscape, or cut single sheets of paper into snowflakes. Use your imagination!

The best part of these activities is they aren’t just for children! You can get involved too and enjoy the quality time with your kids!

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