5 Ways to Improve Your Child's Math Skills

Monday - February 09, 2015

Child care in Columbia MD, including Columbia Academy, focuses on math skill development


Preschools in Columbia MD sometimes neglect the importance of developing math skills at an early age, but Columbia Academy goes above and beyond to try and not only build children’s math skills, but let them enjoy it as well. Child care in Columbia MD doesn’t always build the mathematics foundation children need to be successful in future education, but Columbia Academy believes strong math skills can lead to a sharper, more critical childhood and adulthood.

Read up on these five easy ways to build your child’s math skills outside of preschools in Columbia MD:

1.       Make Math Fun. Don’t treat math exercises as a boring lesson, or that’s exactly what they’ll become. Treat math positively, and try to build an interest in your child by explaining math with an upbeat, positive attitude.

2.       Use Games Often. Whenever possible, play games with your child that exercise math skills. Use dice games and encourage your child to add and subtract the numbers, or pick up one of several flash card based games.

3.       Apply Math in Real Situations. Make the world a learning experiences. When you go outside or participate in a new activity, look for situations where you can apply math—just  don’t make a full lesson out of it.

4.       Harness Your Child’s Collections. If your child has a favorite collection of toys, use them to play counting, addition, and subtraction exercises.

5.       Listen to Your Child. Every child learns differently. Pay attention to what your child does and does not like, and work with them to find a way that’s effective and fun.

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