Learning the Art of Decision Making

Thursday - January 22, 2015

Good decision making skills last a lifetime


Columbia Academy views education as a broad and multifaceted experience. Many preschools in Columbia MD focus on specific subjects, abandoning certain skill developments in favor of the traditional reading, writing, math, and science. While those subjects are important, it is also important for child care in Columbia MD to develop key skills in children, such as decision making.

The Importance of Decision Making

Decision making provides a fundamental basis for a child’s intellectual development. Eventually, your child will grow up to make huge, necessary decisions such as buying a home or choosing to take action when others are still. Making these types of decisions is hard, but when a person has developed his or her decision making skills over a long period of time, they become easier and more clear.

Starting Out Small

Children can begin to develop decision making skills in preschools in Columbia MD like Columbia Academy. Even small decisions, when made frequently and specifically, can help a child develop his or her abilities. Help your child by giving them many small decisions to make throughout the day, such as what clothes to wear or what order to do daily activities.

Seeing the Results

Some of the results of fostering decision making skills are immediate. You’ll find that letting your child make decisions early and often will have a positive outcome for their self-esteem and focus. Children who make frequent decisions, even small or insignificant ones, tend to have more confidence, more decisiveness when it comes to making major decisions, and more signs of critical thinking in everyday activities.

Columbia Academy, unlike other preschools in Columbia MD, focuses on decision making as a key element for intellectual development. Take your child care in Columbia MD to the next level by implementing some of these practices at home as well!

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