5 Activities for When Your Child Stays Home Sick

Thursday - December 04, 2014

Sooner or later, your child will have to stay home sick from school, so keep these activities in mind for when it happens.


No matter how careful you are or how many preventative measures you try to take, eventually your child is going to get sick and will need to stay home from school for at least one day. Removal from school can lead to boredom or apathy, but helping your child stay active with a handful of activities can keep them mentally stimulated and interested in their environment.

Depending on the severity of the illness, it may not be possible to engage in physical activities or tackle particularly tough mental challenges. However, you can always try one of these five simple activities perfect for a sick day:

1.       Go through an old photo album. If your pictures are recent, it will help your child remember some of the events they were a part of in the past. If your pictures are older, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to learn a little family history.

2.       Make a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can be challenging, but not so challenging that they’re impossible to play during illness. Hide a variety of objects around the house, and send your child on a mission to find them all.

3.       Go for a walk. If you can, step outside for a stroll at some point. The fresh air will relieve your child of cabin fever—as long as it’s not too cold, too hot, or too crowded where you’re trying to walk.

4.       Draw and color. Drawing and coloring are simple, peaceful activities that will keep your child busy without exhausting them.

5.       Read books or put on audiobooks. Reading is always a good activity, though traditional reading may be difficult. If your child isn’t old enough to read on their own, or if you can’t be there to read, use audiobooks as a substitute.

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