Finding the Right Book for Your Child

Thursday - October 09, 2014

Getting your child to read is the first step in ensuring a long, healthy literacy and intellectual development


Columbia Academy, compared to other preschools in Columbia MD, works with parents to help build reading and language skills from an early age. Most forms of child care in Columbia MD focus solely on elementary reading skills, but at Columbia Academy we try to build a passion for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Picking the right book for your child can help set them up for a true love of reading, and build good intellectual habits that will flourish as they grow. Read up on these quick Columbia Academy tips on how to pick the perfect book for your child.

Finding the Right Genre

Does your child like science fiction? Fantasy? Mystery? Take note of what your child likes and does not like, and select books that appeal to his/her interests. Throw in a few others for diversity’s sake, but catering to your child’s interests is a great way to build a healthy reading habit right away.

Finding the Right Author

Pick out an author that has experience writing children’s literature. Once you find an author that has written a book your child loves, find more works by that author and expand your literary selections from there.

Finding the Right Reading Level

Finding a book at the right reading level can be difficult, but there’s a simple trick that can help you find just the right book—one that’s challenging enough to build language and reading skills but one that’s not so hard it becomes frustrating. Open a book with your child to the middle and ask him/her to read through the entire page. Count how many words your child does not know. Zero unknown words means the book might be a little too easy. Three or more unknown words indicate a slightly too challenging read. One or two unknown words is a sign of a perfect reading level.                                                        

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