How to Build a Love for Math and Science

Thursday - September 25, 2014

Math and science are important subjects, but they aren't always easy to get into.


Math and science are related subjects that are responsible for driving forward innovation in society. With a solid foundation in math and science, students can prepare themselves for virtually any college or future career field. But it’s important to develop an interest and a love for math and science at an early age. Otherwise, the child may not be interested in learning, or may fall behind in class due to lack of interest.

Fortunately, there are several ways for you to introduce the subjects of math and science to your child in a way that naturally fosters a healthy love for the subjects:

  1. Think big. Instead of focusing on worksheets or homework assignments or chapters in a textbook, try to introduce math and science as broad concepts dealing with our everyday world. Instead of looking down at a pen and paper, look at the environment around you and try to use it to visually explain complex subjects.
  2. Start easy. It’s best to take science and math problems one step at a time, with the easiest concepts first. Don’t rush into more complex problems right away.
  3. Make a game out of it. However you can, try to make science and math into interactive, fun challenges. Make speed challenges out of math problems, or use at-home science experiments to explore the natural phenomena of the world.
  4. Don’t turn it into work. Make math and science a natural part of your conversations and lifestyle. Don’t turn it into mandatory work.

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