7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Child's Safety

Thursday - September 04, 2014

Safety is a parent's number one concern, and these quick tips can help ensure your child is as safe as possible.


From the time your child is born, one of your biggest concerns in life is keeping your child safe. Safety comes in many forms, at home, outside, online, and in the neighborhood, and these seven quick tips can help you add a little extra layer of security:

1.       Make your child memorize personal details. As early as possible, ensure they’re able to recite their full name, their address, their phone number, and your full name as a parent. It can help if you ever become separated. Work and cell phone numbers can also be good to memorize.

2.       Teach your child about 911. It can be a simple conversation. Make sure your child knows when and how to dial 911, and when it is appropriate to call.

3.       Use privacy and monitoring on the Internet. Set up your computer to monitor which sites your child is visiting, and increase your privacy settings to restrict any dangerous activity.

4.       Introduce your child to your neighborhood. Go on a walking tour and explain which areas are safe and which are not safe. Introduce them to neighbors you feel comfortable with.

5.       Use scenarios to teach lessons. Ask hypothetical questions to guide your children in understanding what is and what is not appropriate behavior in various scenarios.

6.       Have an emergency plan. In case of fire or other emergency, have an evacuation plan and practice it regularly.

7.       Teach your child how to find help. In a public place, like an amusement park or a fairground, tell your child what to do if he/she ever becomes separated from you.

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