Parents Sending Kids To Private Schools Have Nearly Endless Options

Thursday - August 21, 2014

With some patience and research, you can choose private academy schools that will meet children's very specific needs.

private academy schoolsWant to give your child a leg up in the world? Studies show that kids who go to private schools are also vastly more likely to graduate from high school and move on to college. A high-quality education also increases children's likelihood of snagging a job and owning a home, in comparison to their less-educated peers.

Kids Will Be Kids, and These Schools Won't Fight It

There are a lot of parents who more or less believe that kids are going to be kids, and they will learn best from their own experiences and mistakes. Of course, some private academy schools and/or private middle schools take this to a whole new level. One founder emphasizes allowing kids to "find themselves" first. "The theory was that since forbidding a child from doing something will inevitably invite revolt, that child should therefore be allowed to bring the ruckus," writes.

Education Is About More Than Math and Science

Perhaps one of the best things about private schooling is that it gives parents and children the freedom to choose. Private school curricula are not created equal. Some private school comparison is definitely worthwhile and will pay off in the long-run. Why? Parents and/or children can decide whether they will focus on more traditional subjects like math, English, and science, or branch out to less common fields, such as meditation.

Do Your Research

Why is it necessary to research private academy schools? From a distance, The Delphian School may appear to be a run-of-the-mill, if not prestigious, private school. A closer look, however, reveals that most of the students practice Scientology -- and Tom Cruise's children are some of the most famous alumni. Private schools may not be officially affiliated with a religious organization, political party or other institution, but may nevertheless have close ties to them. It's important to understand what the culture of the school is, not to shelter your children from other viewpoints, but to make sure their education is focused on just that -- learning -- rather than on making social connections.

As a child, Americans take in more information and learn more than they ever will as an adult. Thankfully, you have options. With some patience and research, you can choose private academy schools that will meet children's very specific needs.

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