5 Complex Subjects Made Simple for Young Children

Thursday - July 17, 2014

A strong education requires exposure to complex subjects at an early age, but it can be difficult to explain abstract ideas to a young mind.


Young children tend to pick things up surprisingly quickly. From a psychological standpoint, it’s easier for young minds to catch on to new concepts than it is for an older mind. But even so, when introducing and explaining new, complex subjects to a child, it can be difficult to use terms they’ll understand.

Fortunately, with a little bit of creativity, you can guide your child in grasping these types of concepts without bluntly introducing them to the subject. At Columbia Academy, we pride ourselves on this style of learning, fostering a natural imagination and desire to learn more.

Picture these five complex subjects, as explained and introduced to children:

1.       Mathematics. Story problems are a tried-and-true way to bring math concepts in the real world. Go a step further by framing math around real situations, such as with your child’s toys.

2.       Foreign Language. Help your child understand that different people speak in different ways, and try to expose your child to a foreign language as much as possible—just be sure to differentiate between that foreign language and English.

3.       Physics. It will be a long time before your child learns about physics in a calculable way, but you can explain simple concepts like gravity and velocity using toys and demonstrations while playing outside.

4.       English and Reading. The best way to help your child become a strong reader is to read. Find stories that are fun, with engaging characters, and gradually work into more complex narratives with bigger vocabularies.

5.       Science. One of the best ways to introduce your child to the scientific method is through at-home experiments. Start out by asking your child what he/she thinks will happen in a given scenario, then test, and form a theory about why it happened.

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