5 Bad Habits for Parents to Avoid in Early Childhood Education

Thursday - July 03, 2014

Treating your young child's education with care and understanding can set a course for a lifetime of successful learning.


While children get the majority of their formal lessons in school, parental habits are just as important, if not more important, to establish a healthy developing mind. Most parents understand the basic tenets of encouraging an active learner, such as reading regularly and turning everyday activities into miniature lessons, but there are some bad habits that can set a more negative tone.

Avoid these bad habits to keep your child’s educational experience as positive as possible:

1.       Emphasizing a competitive factor. It’s a great feeling when your child is the best in his/her class at something, but try not to encourage competitiveness in an academic setting. Your child is there to learn and become better, not to outdo everyone else in the class.

2.       Micromanaging your child’s work. Definitely get involved in your child’s education, but try not to micromanage to the point of interference. It can frustrate your child and get in the way of his/her natural course of learning.

3.       Criticizing mistakes. Your child can never be perfect. Don’t set a standard for perfection, or your child will become extremely disheartened at the first sign of a real challenge. Instead, encourage your child to bounce back from mistakes and learn from those opportunities.

4.       Making a big deal out of tests. Yes, tests and quizzes are important elements of the education process, but don’t make your child cram for hours to get a perfect score.

5.       Controlling friendships. Don’t go overboard in planning the course of your child’s friendships. Peer groups are important for children to grow intellectually and emotionally, and it’s important that they develop naturally.

When your children are excited to learn, there’s nothing that can stop them.

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