10 Qualities to Look for in Every Classroom

Saturday - July 19, 2014

The right classroom environment can do wonders to improve creativity, interest, and attentive comprehension.


There are many ingredients to successful education, including the quality of the teacher and the curriculum used. But one of the most important peripheral factors for positive education is the quality of the classroom.

These are 10 qualities you should look for in every classroom:

  1. Open. Cramped classrooms make children feel as though they are imprisoned, having no room to move about even if most of the lesson is taught stationary.
  2. Interactive. Great classrooms have opportunities for children to interact with their environment at every turn. That includes posters on the wall and colorful decorations to encourage creative thinking.
  3. Rules-based. There needs to be a clear and firm set of rules for every classroom. While these rules can vary based on the instructor and the subject matter, it’s important to have some level of structure involved.
  4. Friendly. The classroom should be a place for a micro-community to form, with easy friendships and a commonality of learning. Small class sizes and plenty of opportunities for interaction are the keys for this to develop.
  5. Democratic. While the instructor needs to have full control of the classroom at all times, it is important for children to have some say in what goes on. It could be something as simple as voting on an activity as a group.
  6. Participatory. For a classroom to be successful, it needs to have a group of students that is willing and able to participate in discussions and collaborative projects.
  7. Fun. Every lesson should have some sort of entertaining element to it, even if it is brief, as long as it doesn’t become distracting.
  8. Rewarding. There should be some type of reward, such as music or extra fun time, for students when they exceed certain expectations or perform at a high level.
  9. Individualized. Every student is unique. A good classroom acknowledges and appreciates this.
  10. Goal focused. Great classrooms set goals for groups and individuals, and strive to achieve those goals.

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