10 Creative Projects to Boost Your Child's Brainpower

Saturday - July 12, 2014

Encouraging creativity from an early age is the best way to keep your child mentally active and interested in learning more about their environment.


Creativity is like a muscle; the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Helping your child think creatively from an early age will prepare them for creative problem solving, artistic expressivity, and flexibility when it comes to their future academic career.

Try one or more of these creative projects to intellectually engage your child and prime them for a creative future:

1.       Paint rocks or other natural objects. You can find these anywhere—walk around your back yard or a nearby park to find perfect choices of rocks, pinecones, and other natural objects. Paint them however you’d like!

2.       Fold origami. You can stock up on origami paper or just use scraps you have around the house. Learn the basic folds and start simple to keep your child interested but challenged.

3.       Play with food. Find ways to make cooking interesting with cut-out cookies or other customizable types of food.

4.       Make leaf imprints. Take leaves and flowers from outside and gently coat them in different colors of paint, then imprint them on a sheet of thick paper to preserve their image.

5.       Create paper puppets. Decorate brown paper bags with facial features and bring them to life with your hands. Socks work just as well.

6.       Make and build with molding clay. Find a recipe to make your own molding clay, and mix it together with your child’s help. Then, dig in and start molding!

7.       Make glitter jars. Take a mason jar or a bottle and fill it almost to the top with water. Then, cut open a glowstick, pour in the liquid, add some thick glitter, and seal the jar. Turn out the lights and shake it for a beautiful show.

8.       Build sculptures with disposable objects. Use plastic silverware, plates, toilet paper rolls, and other disposable objects to cut and glue your own creative sculptures.

9.       Cut construction paper stories. Create characters out of construction paper and glue them on sheets to tell a story frame by frame.

10.   Paint a shirt. Use material paints with your child to customize their own clothing. It’s a fun project, and they’ll end up with something permanent they can wear and show off!

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