Should Your Child Be in Private School?

Sunday - July 06, 2014

From elementary private schools to private middle schools, private schools typically rank higher in terms of student success than public schools.

private middle schoolsOn average, a four year old child will ask an incredible 437 questions a day. As a parent, it is natural to want to answer these questions in the best way possible, in a way that will enrich their understanding and set a foundation for curiosity and learning in the future. For this reason, when your child enters daycare and school, you should send them to places that place the same emphasis on teaching and fostering curiosity: private child care facilities and private schools.

Early child care programs such as day care and preschool have been proven to help children develop emotionally and cognitively: it is commonly known that a human being is capable of absorbing more information during the first few years of their development than at any other point in their lives. Their physical development is also at a peak: a two-year-old is generally more alive than at any other point in their life. Additionally, the average two-year-old adds around five new words to their vocabulary every day. 

All the development that occurs at this point makes day care activities, which usually focus on socialization, physical activity, and cognitive development, perfect to encourage healthy learning. Accordingly, studies show that day care and preschool can help the average child's personal, social, economical, and emotional development. Preschool, especially, can have a lingering effect on an individual's life, since studies show that children who attend preschool may be 24% more likely to attend a four-year college.

However, once your child has completed preschool, it is strongly recommended that your child attend an early education program, as children who participate in these programs generally grow up to be healthier and wealthier than those who do not. Because of the additional stimulation and development children receive at this age, research shows that those who experienced a high quality early education program are more likely to own a home and have a job. Additionally, early education students typically earn at least $5,000 more per year than those who miss out on this period of growth and learning.

Then, when your child is old enough to begin traditional schooling, education in private schools might continue to be the best route to encourage their development. From elementary private schools to private middle schools, private schools typically rank higher in terms of student success than public schools. For example, students who attend private elementary schools, private middle schools, and private high schools have higher rates of graduation and college acceptance rates.

So, if you want to invest in your child's future, consider your options: research local day care businesses, enroll them in an early education program, or talk to them about attending a private middle school or private high school. Whatever age your child is, it is never to late to make a choice that can help their future. Consider a private school education today.

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