The Importance of Social and Emotional Development

Saturday - July 05, 2014

A child's social and emotional development in preschool and elementary schools is just as important as their intellectual development or physical development.


Quality early childhood education has many facets. As a child’s mind develops, it requires a careful balance of new information, new experiences, new opportunities, and new stimuli in order to build a solid foundation.

Too often, teachers and parents focus on the intellectual side of mental development, cramming as much information in about science and math and language as possible. These subjects are critically important for a child’s long-term intellectual development, but they’re not the only element of development that are important.

Social and emotional development is also very important for a child’s mental wellbeing and future growth. By encouraging children to play and learn in groups, and giving them shared cultural experiences and opportunities to express their individuality, private schools can help foster a stronger course of social and emotional growth.

By paying closer attention to a child’s rapidly changing emotional needs, a child:

·         Becomes more confident, leading to a bolder and more curious adolescence that encourages more learning opportunities and fewer emotional difficulties.

·         Becomes more independent, quickly learning to rely on themselves more and more for increasingly complex needs.

·         Learns to work with others, a trait whose importance cannot be underestimated in the context of school, work, or life in general.

·         Identifies with more people, giving them a greater scope of empathy and a more diverse background on which to build and try new experiences.

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