The Best Subjects for Children to Learn Early

Thursday - May 29, 2014

Much depends on a child's earliest years of education, and these subjects are some of the most vital for instruction.


Early childhood education is designed to construct an intellectual foundation for the rest of a child’s life. Every child should receive exposure to a well-rounded range of different subjects in order to broaden their interests and capabilities, but there are a handful of specific subjects that are especially critical to learn early on.

Columbia Academy private preschools place special emphasis on these subjects, but as a parent you should do everything you can to support your child in mastering basic skills in these areas:

1.       Reading. Reading is a gateway subject, allowing a child to develop their comprehension, content retention, vocabulary, and language skills all in one go. If you can build an interest in reading and a daily habit of reading, you’ll be setting your child up for a lifetime of continuing education, creativity, and intellectual intrigue.

2.       Mathematics. Math skills don’t come naturally to most of us, but exposing your child to numbers and logic early on can be a great way to establish a long-term foundation for mastering the subject. Start simple, and use everyday situations to illustrate higher level concepts.

3.       Science. Science explains the world all around us, so encourage your child’s scientific curiosity by pointing out the strange and exciting things in our natural world. An early interest in science can go a long way.

4.       Foreign Language. The best time to learn a foreign language is in the earliest years of development. Language skills come much easier and stay with children for a lifetime. The extra exposure can also positively affect abstract thinking and understanding.

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