Turning Every Day Into an Adventure for Your Kids

Thursday - May 08, 2014

Making adventures out of everyday activities can encourage your children with imagination and a drive to learn.


Through the eyes of children, the world can be a wondrous and exciting place. That wonder fuels a drive to learn more information, resulting in a lifelong, natural curiosity that enables a successful academic career. But if a child’s environment doesn’t encourage a natural sense of wonder, the world can appear boring or too normal to foster creative thinking or imagination.

In order to facilitate your child’s imagination, you can actively try to make every day some kind of adventure. You don’t even have to do anything extraordinary. All it takes is a little imagination of your own, and a little encouragement through conversation.

Take these for example:

·         Turn your walk in the park into a science lesson. Look at all the plants and animals you encounter along the way. Ask your child what they think makes the plants grow, or what they think the smallest animal in the park is. Encourage them to think about their surroundings.

·         Make a grocery store trip an engaging nutritional adventure. Create some kind of challenge that helps your child think about different food groups and why they’re important—if they’re old enough, you can send them on missions to find food that meets certain requirements.

·         Transform different objects in your house. “The floor is made of lava” game encourages creativity in an otherwise mundane environment. Apply that principle to other areas of your house. Use pretending to conjure up abstract images and adventures.

·         Make crafts out of anything. You don’t need a template or a kit to become artistic. Use common household goods to play around and build something with your child.

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