Building Confidence with Small Habits

Thursday - May 01, 2014

It doesn't take much to give your child a head start toward confidence, as these small habits will show you.


Confidence is critically important for growing children. Confidence is responsible for helping children feel comfortable in decision making, helping them adjust to new environments without anxiety or difficulty, and helping them believe in their abilities enough to want to refine them. But instilling confidence is a bit of a complicated matter.

It may seem like giving your child constant praise and compliments will help improve their self-esteem and confidence, but that’s not necessarily the best route to go. You want your child to have confidence but you also want them to have realistic expectations.

Rather than overthinking your decisions and worrying about how they affect your children, consider implementing these small regular habits to help build your child’s confidence:

1.       Give them the chance to make decisions. This is more important than most parents realize. Giving your child ample opportunity to make decisions allows them to build a natural decision-making confidence. Even small decisions, like what shoes to wear, can have a big impact.

2.       Let them explore on their own. Supervision doesn’t mean forcing your child to stay in one place. Keep watch from a distance, and don’t be afraid to let them try new things and go new places on their own. It’s the only way they’ll feel comfortable with their own independence.

3.       Give praise, but be honest. Don’t compliment your child on every single thing they do. Instead, give them positive feedback when you can and positive criticism when they have something they need to work on. They’ll become comfortable with accepting criticism while also gaining more confidence in their own abilities.

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