The 5 Most Important Subjects for Children to Learn Early

Thursday - April 17, 2014

Early learning can set a child up for an engaging, successful academic career.


Children learn over the course of a lifetime, but it’s important to set certain standards early while children are most likely to develop an interest and retain information in given subjects. One of the best ways to help set your children up for a lifetime of successful learning is to introduce them to these subjects early on, even if it’s a fun, non-intensive setting.

1.       Science. Small science lessons can be taught easily in almost any environment. Ask your children what they think about natural phenomena, such as lightning or rainbows, and explain how they work in simple terms. It will inspire a sense of wonder about the world around them.

2.       Mathematics. Mathematics can be a difficult subject, but if you introduce it early your child will have a better handle on the complexities to come.

3.       English. English use and comprehension are foundational skills that feed into almost any eventual career path. Get your child started with a regular habit of reading.

4.       Foreign Language. It may seem superfluous, but introducing a foreign language at an early age can be extremely beneficial. New languages are far easier to pick up during childhood, and lead to more abstract comprehension of language in general.

5.       Arts. The arts are also important to help your child think creatively and critically. Getting involved with simple art projects from time to time can help develop a sense of artistry and creativity in any child.

At Columbia Academy, we help our students learn to enjoy and appreciate these subjects while setting a course for long-term academic success.

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