Possible Benefits of Using Mobile Apps with Your Children

Thursday - April 10, 2014

With thousands of apps available for downloading, some parents wonder whether it's possible to use any of them as a positive part of their child's development.


By now, you probably have at least one smartphone or tablet in the household, and if you’re raising children, you’ve probably considered how it can affect your child’s development. Some traditional parents stay away from computers and television as much as possible, believing too much digital exposure can compromise a child’s attention span or creativity. While there is some truth to the dangers of overindulging on digital media, there are also some potential benefits to using certain apps with your children.

Like virtually any activity, some apps can encourage your child to develop certain skills as long as they are used in moderation. Keep digital time minimized in conjunction with ample time reading or playing outside, and you’ll reap the best of all worlds.

When searching for a potentially valuable app to share with your children, look for the following qualities:

·         Creatively stimulating. Does the app encourage your child to use his/her imagination? If not, it may not be worth downloading or offering to your children.

·         Well-designed. It’s not a make-or-break quality, but a beautifully designed app usually encourages more creative thinking and allows children to have a more in-depth experience.

·         Interactive elements. Your child should definitely be engaged with the material. “Sit and watch” experiences usually end up being little more than a distraction for youngsters.

·         Limited. Some apps have in-game purchases, flashy advertisements, or personal information requirements. Steer clear of apps that require these.

·         Options for repeated use. Is there something that will challenge your child to mentally improve? The possibilities here are limitless.

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