8 Ways Encouraging Curiosity Benefits Your Child

Thursday - March 27, 2014

Curiosity is one of the most important qualities for young children to develop, since it leads to a host of other skills and characteristics.


You can foster curiosity in your child by encouraging them when they demonstrate it in a natural environment. For instance, when your child tries something new or looks to explore a new area, reward them with praise. Building curiosity in your child has a number of positive long-term effects, including:

1.       Building confidence. Curiosity is the only way for children to naturally test their own abilities and gain confidence over time.

2.       Encouraging diversity. Curious children are excited to experience new things, and aren’t scared of them. Diverse experiences are the key to building a well-rounded character.

3.       Establishing a desire to learn. If they’re curious about learning, they’ll be excited to go to school and learn more every day. Develop the habit early!

4.       Cultivating independence. Curious children develop independence faster, trusting their own instincts and being able to rely on their own critical thinking to get along.

5.       Decreasing complacency. Complacency isn’t always a bad thing, but a curious person is always striving to accomplish more and improve their own skills. That’s a valuable characteristic to have in the world.

6.       Improving social skills. Curiosity is shown to help children naturally seek out new friends. Curious children tend to be less intimidated by strangers or unfamiliar social situations.

7.       Reducing boredom. If your child is truly curious about the natural world around them, they’ll never be bored or stuck in front of a television.

8.       More happiness. Research shows that happiness is strongly linked with having new experiences and learning new things. Curiosity gives your child a path to both.

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