5 Everyday Habits to Build for Your Child

Thursday - March 20, 2014

Building good habits is the first step to leading your child down a positive, healthy path.


Habits are powerful. Good habits can set you in the right direction with a positive, healthy demeanor while bad habits can ruin opportunities you’d otherwise be able to take. Setting your child up for an enjoyable, successful life means helping them establish good habits and helping them avoid creating bad habits. You’ll always have to deal with a mix of good and bad habits, both in yourself and in your child, but if you work to cultivate these five good habits in your child, it will greatly influence their odds of eventual success:

1.       Exercising. Physical activity not only helps facilitate normal bone and muscle growth and prevent obesity, it also releases endorphins and helps your child focus better in school. Incorporating some form of exercise, whether it’s play time or outdoor time, is a great way to build a habit that will last into adulthood.

2.       Consistent Waking. Healthy, regular sleep is important for children and adults to do their best mentally and physical. Helping your child establish a firm bedtime and wake-up time will cultivate a regular sleep schedule and healthier sleep habits for life.

3.       Reading. Set aside some time each day to read with your child, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Make reading a fun activity, and they’ll start improving their reading skills while enjoying the experience.

4.       Making Decisions. Giving your child the opportunity to make regular decisions, even small ones, is a great way to establish confident decision making skills, which will come in handy as your child gets older.

5.       Trying New Things. Make it a point to have your child try one new thing each day, whether it’s a food or an experience. This will help build confidence, open your child to new and exciting experiences, and cultivate an air of curiosity.

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