Improving Confidence in Reading

Thursday - February 20, 2014

Building your child's reading skills is important, but you also need to ensure your child is confident in his or her reading ability.


Reading is one of the most important skills for your child to develop early on in his or her educational path. With a strength in reading, children are able to develop their capacity for linguistics, understanding, and abstract thought. But if a child is not confident in his/her reading ability, he/she may become uninterested, or lose the motivation to continue improving.

Building your child into a confident reader takes time and patience, but the end results will leave your child in a fantastic position to learn. Use these tips to help instill that fundamental confidence in your reading child:

·         Read aloud with your child. Reading together strengthens your child’s understanding, and can help them easily learn new words that they might struggle with on their own.

·         Supply your child with ample books. Find out what interests your child the most, and stock up on books that align with that interest. It will keep your child interested and reading.

·         Have your child read aloud. Let them read aloud to you to help them improve their comprehension and over time, their confidence.

·         Gently turn reading into a habit. Don’t force it, but if you can try to implement some kind of reading into a daily habit, such as reading a story every night before bed.

·         Challenge your child—but not all at once. Gradually introduce higher level material to you child, but be careful not to overwhelm them all at once. Gradual challenges are the perfect way to build confidence along with reading ability.

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