Helping Your Child Deal with Cold and Flu

Thursday - January 30, 2014

Sooner or later, your child will probably come down with a cold or the flu. Use these tips to help soothe them and help them recover faster.


It’s that season—colds and flu strains are circulating and despite our best efforts as parents and educators, it’s inevitable that many children this year will come down with something. While it is challenging at times, there’s really nothing you can do besides do your best to soothe your child and help them through the circumstances.

If your child has come down with the flu or a cold, keep these tips in mind:

·         Make sure they drink lots of water to keep them hydrated and help their bodies drain easier.

·         Encourage rest by keeping them out of school, at least for the day—not only will rest help your child recover faster, it will also prevent the disease from spreading further.

·         Use vitamin C supplements once or twice a day in addition to fruits and vegetables. It may shorten the length of mild colds.

·         Draw a warm bath to loosen congestion and ease the airway open.

·         See a doctor if the illness persists for longer than two days.

If your child displays any of the common symptoms of cold and flu, it’s usually best to keep them at home for a few days to prevent the risk of spreading disease. Keep them comfortable with stories and fun activities they can participate in without sacrificing that all-important rest.

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