How to Help Your Child Deal with Stress

Thursday - January 23, 2014

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but if you help your child build good strategies to deal with stress, they'll be better prepared to manage it.


It may seem like your children are too young to be stressed. They don’t have much to worry about with no job, no major responsibilities, and only a first peek into the world of education. But stress is a real part of life no matter how old or how young a person is, and it’s critically important to be able to manage that stress.

Your child may experience stress in different situations. Maybe it is a particularly difficult activity or assignment. Maybe it is an anxiety about social interaction. Each child experiences stress differently, but no matter how it comes up, you can help your child deal with it:

·         Talk to them. Sometimes the simplest step is the best one. If your child seems stressed, ask them what’s been bothering them. If they haven’t, let them know that stress is a normal part of life.

·         Let them know they are safe. Your children are in good hands at home, at school, and on the playground, even if situations are sometimes difficult. A little reassurance goes a long way.

·         Teach breathing and counting exercises. Taking big breaths and counting to ten are two simple, easy to remember strategies to help children and adults alike cope with stressful situations.

Use these strategies to help your child manage his/her stress better, and they’ll be able to deal with stress better as they enter more advanced schooling and careers.

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