Junk Food and School Menus

Thursday - January 02, 2014

Early childhood nutrition is more important than many people understand, but schools across the country are resorting to cheap junk food to fill menus.


Thanks to a series of legislation and improved public awareness, junk food in schools has gradually diminished. School menu options now offer food from every major food group in a complete assortment on each and every tray.

However, offering a somewhat nutritious meal is no guarantee that the students will actually eat it. Middle schools and high schools across the country offer virtually limitless junk food options, from chips and sodas in vending machines to cookies in line at the cafeteria.

Healthy meals are a necessity for young minds to properly develop. Complex carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and vegetables give kids the nutrients and the metabolic sustenance they need to be able to focus throughout the school day and feel energetic and motivated enough to work hard.

At Columbia Academy, we do everything we can to ensure our menus go far beyond the bare minimum, with rich fruits and vegetables and quality ingredients. In addition to our own efforts, we encourage parents to make sure their children eat healthy foods including:

·         Fruits

·         Leafy green vegetables

·         Complex carbohydrates like oats and whole grains

·         Lean proteins like poultry and fish

·         Healthy fats like those in olive oil and natural peanut butter

The more attention you pay to your child’s nutrition, the greater the results will be. Healthy bodies yield healthy minds, and the earlier you build healthy habits, the better.

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