Learning from the Teachers of the Year

Thursday - October 03, 2013

Teachers like these can teach preschools in Columbia MD much about the best kind of education


Child care in Columbia MD needs to learn from the best in order to help kids get the greatest possible educational experience. While many preschools in Columbia MD focus on specific curriculum or a target numbers-based goal, Columbia Academy realizes the potential of each child and makes every effort to provide an unparalleled educational experience.

A recent article featuring teacher of the year Jeffrey Charbonneau and fellow finalists Rhonda Holmes-Blankenship, Alex Lopes, and Heidi Welsh detailed some of the philosophies and approaches of the most successful teachers in the country. They left us with four critical pieces of advice for any parent or teacher looking to make a difference in their children’s lives:

Don’t Limit the Possibilities

Jeffrey Charbonneau insists that one of the greatest factors for success in a child’s life is limited inhibition. Allow your children to try things they might not be very good at, and encourage them never to give up even when things get tough.

Consider More than Grades

Too many preschools in Columbia MD focus on numbers as a measure of success. Rhonda Holmes-Blankenship knows differently; true educational success comes from instilling a love and appreciation for learning and at Columbia Academy, that’s exactly what we do.

Embrace New Cultures

New cultures are one of the best ways to help expose your child to new experiences and different takes on the world. Alex Lopes emphasizes this as one of the most critical factors to eventual educational success.

Give Love at Home

Love and understanding are unquestionably important in any child’s life, and Heidi Welch articulates that well. Love inspires confidence and contentment that can lead any child to greatness.

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