Tips to Improve Your Child's Reading and Language

Thursday - September 05, 2013

Reading and language skills are fundamental for developing children throughout preschools in Columbia MD


Columbia Academy’s child care in Columbia MD focuses on more than just education—we’re here to help your children love the experience of learning and develop the skills they’ll need throughout their education and futures as adults.

Some preschools in Columbia MD do not focus on developing reading and language skills, but Columbia takes an invested approach to cultivating these skills. Reading and language skills are some of the most crucial for intellectual development, extending into other subjects and creating a standard for critical thought and expressive capacity.

Columbia Academy helps parents by including them in the education process. With Columbia Academy, you can help your child become a successful, thoughtful reader and set them on a fast track to educational success. Check out these tips for encouraging reading skill development:

·         Read with your child often, even if you only read to him/her at first

·         Select books that have 1-2 words your child doesn’t know per page—this will encourage a challenging, yet manageable language development pace

·         Work with your child to sound out words, increasing in challenge level over time

·         Stretch and shorten words by segmenting them and blending the sounds together

·         Work with your child to understand both areas of phonetics: blended sounds that are combined, and letter-based sounds that are segmented

·         Stay consistent with your reading and exercises

·         Become a member of your local library, and go there often for new books and reading events

·         Use multiple mediums—including books and digital displays

·         Make it fun!

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