The Benefits of Tactile Learning

Thursday - August 15, 2013

Tactile learning is a great way for students in preschools in Columbia MD to retain information and get more hands-on


Columbia Academy implements a hands-on approach in the classroom as much as possible, allowing our students to get ahold of items and applications that complement and enhance their learning experience. Straightforward classroom and textbook learning can only go so far; many preschools in Columbia MD focus solely on conveying information, but at Columbia Academy we take pride in our approach to tactile learning.

Greater Retention

Tactile learning is proven to be associated with a greater rate of information retention. This is applicable in virtually all subject areas—whenever a child has hands-on access to items or applications associated with learning material, they have a higher rate of eventually retaining that information. This allows for a more effective learning experience, and allows each child to have fun at the same time!

Experiential Learning

Learning through experience is not only more effective than learning through listening. Child care in Columbia MD tends to focus on just words or pictures, but at Columbia Academy our children get a full experience. We offer many hands-on activities throughout the day, including both indoor and outdoor areas of play.

Creativity Boost

Tactile learning is also shown to help cultivate a stronger level of creativity, both as a short-term boost and a thorough development over time. With more tactile learning applications, children in preschools in Columbia MD are better able to think laterally to solve problems, and have a greater capacity for creativity and imagination.

Learning at Columbia Academy is more than just a lesson or a chapter in a book; it is a hands-on, engaging experience, and our students see the benefits.

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