Science and Math: Foundation for the Future

Thursday - July 25, 2013

Day care Columbia MD and child care in Laurel MD use Science and Math to help kids prepare for the future


Columbia Academy understands the value of a well-rounded education, and puts an emphasis on science and math early on in children’s education.

Not every child will grow up to be a famous scientist or mathematician, and many may not even be interested in the subjects. But no matter what your child’s interests are or what their future holds, a solid educational foundation in science and math is extremely valuable. Not all preschools in Columbia MD realize the significance of early science and math education, but at Columbia Academy, it’s a critical part of our curriculum.

The Importance of Science and Mathematics

Science and math are gateways of knowledge that lead to greater intellectual and technological development as a society. While other subjects, like History and English, are important, they are important for different reasons. The right child care in Columbia MD recognizes that science and math are constantly developing, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a human being. The more people we have familiar with scientific and mathematical concepts, the faster we can grow as a species.

Starting Early

So why does Columbia Academy start so early when other preschools in Columbia MD pay less attention? At Columbia Academy, we’re all about solid foundations. The sooner a child begins understanding fundamental concepts of science and math, the more potential they’ll have to grow as their education becomes more sophisticated. Our child care in Columbia MD makes sure every child has the base knowledge they need as early as possible to encourage the most significant eventual growth.

Making Science and Math Fun!

It’s not all about hammering in the details. At Columbia Academy, we make an effort to make our science and math lessons fun! We engage the students in a collaborative, interconnected environment, giving them a tangible connection to each other and the world around them. We engage the senses and let our students naturally explore, so our children don’t just learn math and science—they experience them.

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