Must-Do Activities for Summer

Thursday - July 18, 2013

Summer activities are a great way to keep your kids engaged while they're out of school


Columbia Academy is a vocal proponent of healthy, engaging summer activities to keep your child’s mind active during the season. Preschools in Columbia MD often close down for the summer, but child care in Columbia MD needs to extend throughout the summer months.

Try these essential summer activities with your child, and make sure your child is ready to come back to preschools in Columbia MD.


Hiking is an activity that physically engages your child while simultaneously stimulating their imaginations. Go somewhere with a mix of different scenery, such as streams, trees, and grasslands. Let your child uncover the different plant and animal species of the environment, and take time to rest and relax.

Catching Bugs

Catching bugs might make some of you squirm, but it’s a great activity for children. It introduces them to a variety of different animal species, and gives them a goal to work toward. At the end of your activity, you can either create a long-term habitat or set them all free.


Use an outdoor picnic to get some fresh air and teach your child about the importance of healthy eating. Bring along foods from every food group and use the activity as a relaxing and delicious way to learn.

Team Sports

Get your child involved in some kind of team sport if you can. During the summer, it’s a great way to make new friends, get in some outdoor physical activity, and build team-working abilities.


It’s not a quintessential summer activity, but reading throughout the season is very important for your child’s developing mind. Read outside and appreciate the fresh air or build a fort indoors and read during a summer thunderstorm. No matter what you read, your child will benefit.

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