Facts About Day Care in the United States

Friday - July 12, 2013

Day care Columbia MD is just one location for day care in the United States


Child care in Columbia MD, like in many other parts of the country, is a diverse landscape. There are many types of daycares, public and private, that offer different ranges of educational value and facility quality. These facts about daycare facilities in the United States will provide insight into how most daycares operate, and why Columbia Academy stands apart.


Most daycares in Columbia MD and throughout the country are licensed, but there are some that do not have an official license to operate. In most states, including Maryland, it is a legal requirement that daycares with more than 12 children have a license. When choosing a child care in Columbia MD, be sure to select a facility with licensing.

Do be aware that a license is not a firm guarantee of high quality; licenses evaluate facilities based on bare minimum requirements.


In most daycares in Columbia MD, staff members are paid very low, and are only minimally trained. It is an unfortunate reality for many daycares because there are very few legal requirements for daycare staff in the United States. Columbia Academy knows the value of a fully trained staff, and makes many efforts to keep our faculty well educated, well paid, and well trained.


In terms of child care and day care, the United States spends less money per child than most other developed countries of the world. This leads to child care in Columbia MD and other areas of the country demonstrating a serious lack of funding. Private daycare, like Columbia Academy, allow parents access to quality child care that isn’t dependent on governmental funding.

There are many factors to consider when looking at daycares in Columbia MD, and understanding the state of child care in the United States is of great significance.

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