Enjoying the Outdoors in a Classroom Setting

Wednesday - July 03, 2013

Refreshing experiences in the outdoors offer great learning experiences for child care in Columbia md


Private middle schools in Maryland and other academic institutions often find themselves focusing attention on new facilities, small classrooms, and skilled faculty when presenting their quality of education. And certainly, all those factors are important in determining the level of education your child is receiving. But not every private school in Columbia offers the same diverse range of experiences that Columbia Academy does.

Outdoor learning is a cornerstone of Columbia Academy’s educational repertoire. As a leading private school in Columbia, we emphasize the value and enriching atmosphere of learning environments as much as, or more than, the regimented lessons of tradition.

Fresh Air and Exercise

Outdoor learning provides a key opportunity for fresh air and exercise, which are beneficial not only to a child’s mind, but his/her body as well. The physical engagement allows students to improve their blood circulation and maintain a healthier metabolism, and it also provides a great opportunity for the mind to relax—leading to better focus and an increased mood.

New Environments, New Experiences

Traditional classroom settings are used in private middle schools in Maryland for a reason—they allow for concentration and a highly focused environment. But outdoor learning provides a platform into another world, away from the blackboard and desks of the indoors. By exploring stimulating environments, trees, grass, and other outdoor elements, children are imaginatively and creatively encouraged.

Engagement and Retention

The environments and activities of outdoor learning at Columbia Academy lead to a greater level of retention. The recreational environment lets kids feel free and genuinely interested in activities, rather than feeling strained or overly focused on tasks. As a private school in Columbia, Columbia Academy is proud of our outdoor learning engagement activities, helping kids learn more efficiently and genuinely enjoy the process.

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