Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Friday - June 28, 2013

Your children need healthy bodies and healthy minds to grow


In order for your child to get the best possible education, most parents know to seek out a quality learning program—but not all learning programs are created alike. Some educators focus solely on classroom learning, giving kids lots of intellectual tools and encouraging their creativity, but never combining those lessons with a physical element.

For the best and brightest future, Columbia Academy believes that children should have healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. It’s going to help them perform better academically, feel better physically, and ultimately lead a fuller, richer life.

Regular, Healthy Nutrition                                                                                  

Successful acquisition and retention of new knowledge begins with a healthy, nutritive diet. That means getting regular meals with lots of whole grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables with limited sweets and desserts. Make sure your child goes to a private school in Maryland with a stomach full of a fresh, whole breakfast. Children who start off their day with a healthy breakfast tend to perform better on exams and have more energy throughout the day.

Outdoor Activities

Not every private school in Maryland offers outdoor learning activities like Columbia Academy does. It’s important for children to get to explore their environments, interacting with nature and seeing new scenery. The right private school in Columbia can help your child see the world beyond a simple classroom, and help get their bodies moving away from the stagnation of couches and video games.

Physical Learning

Physical learning at Columbia Academy involves light and fun exercises to help keep kids active. Not only does it help children stay physically fit, energetic, and healthy, it helps keep their minds sharp for the classroom lessons ahead. But don’t limit the physical learning to your private school in Columbia—keep your kids active and engaged all the time to really see them reach their physical and mental potential!

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