Staying Sharp in Summer

Friday - June 21, 2013

Keep your kids interested in learning during the summer months


It’s that time of year again! Kids are excited to be out of school for summer vacation, but parents might be a little concerned about how to keep kids sharp during those summer months. Fortunately, Columbia Academy is here with a few helpful hints on how to keep kids sharp throughout summer vacation, engaging them with exciting outdoor activities and getting them motivated to learn even when school’s out.

Try some of these options throughout the summer vacation months to keep kids sharp while maximizing the fun of the season:

Spend Time Outside

It seems like a no-brainer, but in the modern age it’s all too easy to stay inside all day. Encourage your child to go outside as often as possible, whether that means a walk to the park or just some fun in the backyard. Introduce your child to new environments often to stimulate their imaginations.

Encourage Reading

Reading might not be your first thought when you imagine the festivities of summer vacation, but it is one of the most effective ways to keep kids sharp during their time away from school. Sit down with your child outside and read a book while enjoying nature, or use the power of an audiobook during a road trip to your favorite summer destination. No matter what format you use, the material will help your child stay engaged.

Try a Summer Camp      

The summer camp experience is simply unparalleled. With a proper approach, summer camp can help keep kids sharp by providing a relaxed atmosphere alongside new opportunities to learn. Columbia Academy offers a unique summer camp that highlights all the fun aspects of summer vacation, integrated into a learning system that keeps your kids’ minds fresh.

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