The Importance of Individual Attention

Friday - May 31, 2013

Columbia Academy focuses on individual learning

Many schools focus on capacity, attempting to fit as many children as possible into a single classroom. While some teachers and school faculty believe this increases efficiency by increasing the number of students taught at the same time, the truth is individual attention in a small classroom is empirically proven to be better for children’s development. Columbia Academy seeks to incorporate that into our small classroom environments.

Strengths and Weaknesses        

Every child has a different set of skills, with varying strengths and weaknesses. When children are all lumped into the same giant classroom, whether that’s at a public or private preschool, these strengths and weaknesses are not addressed. In every subject, students who are behind end up confused and stagnant while students who are ahead end up bored and unchallenged. Individual attention in a private preschool small classroom addresses each child’s strengths and weaknesses uniquely.


A small classroom in a private preschool allows each child to express his or her own individuality. At Columbia Academy, we encourage each of our students to be their own unique selves, rather than being crammed into a single massive classroom. Our private preschool helps develop each child’s unique talents by giving them the individual attention they deserve and the individually focused environment they need to flourish.

Classroom Sizes              

At Columbia Academy, our private preschool classroom sizes are always as small as possible, focusing on little groups for the highest possible impact. Research shows that a classroom size of around 15 is much more effective than even a class size of around 22, resulting in the advancement equivalent of an extra three months of schooling over the course of four years.

The end result of increased individual attention in a small classroom is greater individuality and higher knowledge retention, yielding better results and brighter futures for any students involved.

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