The New Face of Columbia Academy

Friday - May 24, 2013

Columbia Academy's new website reflects our high academic standards


Columbia Academy, as you may have noticed, has recently unveiled a refreshing new design for its web presence. As one of the greatest private elementary school and preschools in Maryland, Columbia Academy is now equipped with a dynamic and unique design to match its powerful approach to teaching.

The Changing Shape of Education           

Columbia Academy is unflinchingly committed to providing the greatest possible education experience for our children and equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the changing world. The world, of course, is always advancing and transforming with new technologies and new customs, so the world of education must change with it. Our Maryland private school website now reflects a much more dynamic and modern appeal, reflecting our commitment to a responsive and flexible education for our students.

A New Way to Navigate

The user interface of the new site is intuitive and seamless, providing parents and children with an enjoyable and easy experience. Not every Maryland private school offers such a smooth online experience, and Columbia Academy is proud to unveil the navigable layout to its entire user base. Visit our site on a mobile device—it’s fully responsive, so it’s going to flex to any type of device you use.

The Latest News             

Columbia Academy is a private elementary school and preschool that emphasizes the importance of keeping its students’ parents in the know. Our new site ensures that all our parents stay informed of recent events, emergency announcements, and new endeavors designed to improve their children’s education.

Moving Forward

With the new site fully live and our private elementary school and preschool staff ready to keep everyone updated, Columbia Academy is excited to keep our positive momentum. Our talented faculty and committed direction will ensure the greatest education and growth for our students.

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