Columbia Academy's Philosophy / Mission

Columbia Academy's Philosophy / Mission

At Columbia Academy, our mission is to cultivate successful learning opportunities that allow every student to become a responsible, valuable member of his or her community.

Our unique philosophy of focusing on individuals allows us to develop each student’s greatest potential and keep him or her engaged in a diverse, supportive environment. We include families and the community in our educational process to give our students the fullest possible range of stimulating environments, and nurture a cycle of feedback that leaves no educational gap uncovered.

We provide an unparalleled customized curriculum that challenges children in new and critical ways that develop each child’s creativity and analytic skills, but also encourages a love of learning and a hunger to explore new ground. Our students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and abstract cognitive skills that heighten their adaptability in a safe, respectful, supportive environment. The challenges and successes they face will earn them a lifelong confidence and self-esteem that will allow them to face any obstacle, and find a truer path to contentment and success.

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